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Fashion is like a revolution, performing the cycle of season after season.

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Fashion is like a revolution, performing the cycle of season after season. Denim, which originated from the United States, has been enduring since its birth in the 19th century. In the early spring season, it is the time for the denim jacket to appear. Bring back the glory of '80s denim. Add some random letters to spice up a simple denim jacket. A handsome look, stiff silhouette, and stylish and trendy denim coat is a wardrobe staple.


Parameter Information

100%Cotton denim jacket,in losse style,With at 100% white print.
Size in 160/80A S、65/84A M、170/88A L.
It is recommended to wash gently on the opposite side, not with hot water cleaning, hanging to dry, color washing, so as not to dye clothes.
When packaging must be wrapped with paper shank button, to avoid long-term exposure of metal oxidation.

Product Collocation Suggestions

Here are five denim jacket combinations that will last a whole season.
1. Denim jacket + Flared pants
Flared pants are great for spring, not just for tall people. Small girls wear it, showing a little ankle, make legs longer. With denim jacket, wear a fashionable and fashionable style, but also more vitality.

2. Denim jacket + sweatpants
Wearing comfortable and simple has always been the pursuit of private clothing collocation, tall girls, can choose loose style of sports pants with denim jacket. Travel is particularly convenient, and a little fashionable sense.

3. Denim jacket + high-waisted pants
This look is the most elongated because it elevates the waist line and shows off the line of the legs, creating the "long legs" look with ease. Small girls remember, dress collocation must control the proportion of the body, so this collocation is very suitable.

4. Denim jacket + wide-leg pants
Wide-leg pants are also a hot spring style, many temperament women like to wear wide-leg pants. Like athleisure pants, they are relatively slim for the body, but the temperament of the person who can wear them will definitely add color. And a denim jacket folded into a hoodie is also very trendy.

5. Denim jacket + skirt
With long skirt, dress elegant temperament, with short skirt, half skirt is still very beautiful oh. Girls with slim legs, in particular, can't wait to show off in spring, looking fresh and stylish.

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