Do you know the skills of jeans?

How much do you know about the maintenance and care of jeans and how to choose jeans? If you also like wearing jeans, you must read this article!

1. When buying jeans, leave about 3cm margin at the waist

The difference between jeans and other pants is that they have a certain degree of elasticity, but they do not shrink as freely as elastic pants.

Therefore, when selecting jeans to try on, the body part of the pants can be close to the body, and the head part of the pants should have a gap of about 3cm. This allows you to have more space for activities. When you squat down, you don't have to worry about the button collapsing, and you won't feel tight. Moreover, it can also let the waist hang on the hip bone, making the good figure clear at a glance, sexy and fashionable.

2. Buy long jeans instead of short ones

Many people say that the jeans bought will shrink and become shorter after the first washing. In fact, this is because the jeans need to be desized before wearing for the first time. After the pulp on the surface is removed, the density of the cotton cloth will decrease when it contacts with water, which is often referred to as shrinkage.

Therefore, we should buy a slightly longer style when choosing jeans.

But if your jeans are marked with "PRESHRUNK" or "ONE WASH", you need to buy the style that just fits, because these two English words mean that they have been shrunk.

3. Jeans and canvas shoes are a perfect match

Over the years, we have seen the most classic collocation, namely, jeans+white T+canvas shoes. On posters and street photos, you can always see the models dressed like this, simple and fresh, full of vitality.

4. Don't buy pickled jeans

Pickling is a method to grind and bleach fabrics with pumice in chlorine atmosphere. Pickled jeans are easier to get dirty than ordinary jeans, so it is not recommended to buy them.

5. The small nails on the jeans are used for reinforcement, not decoration

Do you know what the small nails on jeans are for? This is used to strengthen the trousers, because these sutures are easy to crack, and a few small nails can avoid tearing at the seams.

6. It is normal for jeans to fade, just like sweaters to pillage

Denim uses tannin cloth, and it is difficult for the tannin cloth to completely immerse the dye into the fiber, and the impurities in it will make the dye fixation effect poor. Even jeans dyed with natural plant extracts are difficult to color.

Therefore, chemical dyeing generally requires about 10 times of coloring, while natural dyeing requires 24 times of coloring. In addition, the adhesion of indigo dyeing itself is low, because the blue formed by oxidation is very unstable. Because of this, the fading of jeans is also normal.

7. If you wash jeans, wash them with warm water instead of bleach

In order to protect the primary color of tannin, please turn the inside and outside of the pants upside down, and gently wash the pants with water below 30 degrees with the lowest strength of water flow. Hand washing is the best.

Post time: Jan-06-2023